Summer Camps

The Camp of Traditional American Music – July 2-6th (ages 9-16) Explore the music and learn the songs that have been passed down for generations and given us traditional Americana Music. All acoustic instruments are welcome including but not limited to guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin, violin, and voice. All students are welcome no matter their experience or what they play. The camp will be led by award-winning Americana multi-instrumentalist and Drum & Strum instructor, Jack Dunlap. Students will learn how to play together, accompany one another, and perform while learning unique skills and songs they will sing for a lifetime.

Glee Choir CampJuly 9-13th (ages 9-16)  Campers will enjoy a week of learning, singing, and performing their favorite songs from the popular television musical, Glee. The camp will be led by Drum & Strum piano and vocal instructors, Beth Dingus and Amy Barksdale. Students will study vocal technique, breath control, and phrasing while also concentrating on using a microphone, stage presence, and basic choreography.  

Seattle Rocks – July 16-20th (ages 9-16) Spend a week exploring Seattle based bands and music icons such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and many other artists who developed the grunge music scene that we all know today. Seattle camp will be led by Drum & Strum instructor, multi-instrumentalist, and seasoned Rock & Roll expert Chuck Shepherd. Students will learn how to play, accompany one another, and perform together as a rock band while learning the songs and music that helped define and make the Seattle music scene famous.

 Beatles Camp – July 23-27th (ages 9-16) The Beatles burst onto the music scene in the early 1960s creating a phenomenon that forever changed the music world and continues to inspire new generations of young musicians. In the Beatles rock band camp, campers will learn how to play and perform Beatles songs as a group while also learning about the history of the Fab Four and their contributions to performance, songwriting, and recording. No experience is required, just a love for the Beatles. Beatles camp will be led by Drum & Strum instructor and Beatles aficionado, Dan Mudge.


All camps will be held Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM. Registration is $299.00 per student for each camp. Suggested age for all camps in 9-16 years old but if you have a student that you feel would be appropriate that doesn’t fall in this group please let us know and this can be assessed on an individual basis. There will be a lunch order taken daily from Great Harvest Bread next door. Students are also encouraged to bring their own lunch based on needs and/or dietary restrictions. Each camp will be followed by a performance on stage in the Drum & Strum Listening Room at 7 pm on the Saturday evening that follows the last day of camp, all friends, and family members are welcome to join.