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Gokul Chalasani


- Bass | Guitar | Ukulele | Viola | Violin | Voice

Gokul is a multi-instrumentalist and avid live sound and studio engineer. He has over 15 years of musical experience with a concentrated Certification in Music Recording Technology. Gokul has been an active player in several live and studio musical ensembles with 10 years of performance experience involved in jazz ensembles, orchestras symphonic and chamber, bands Duo to Quintet, string Trios, and Quartets.

Gokul is also an accomplished sound engineer who has run production for many diverse events small and large, local and national, urban and rural, private and public, and domestic and foreign. He is a lifelong student of the guitar. With musical beginnings in classic rock and metal, his influences are extremely diverse covering many styles including pop, rock, classical, blues, and more. Gokul’s positive attitude, upbeat personality, and extensive knowledge of music have made him a natural fit for the Drum & Strum family of instructors.
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