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Mary Shapiro


- Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, Songwriting

Mary Shapiro received her teaching license in 1988 and loves working with raw beginners, older learners (wanting to revisit or newly express their passion), and people of all ages with special needs. She specializes in guitar, ‘ukelele, harmonica, songwriting and musical performance.

For over twenty years Mary has helped her students learn music basics (notes, chords,chord progressions, harmonies, song structure, rhythms) as well as how to play wellwith others. Mary has a passion for creating personalized learning experiences -beyond the traditional music book" approach. She builds both self-esteem and technical competence. 

In addition to teaching music to all ages, Mary is an accomplished musician,songwriter, performer and producer. She is a lifelong learner and will become a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) in early 2024.

Mary’s passion for teaching music is contagious:  “It’s hard to be successful unless we have FUN doing it,” she says. “I love being a musician: even when I’m working, I get to PLAY!”

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