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Steve Jefferies


- Guitar

Steve has been studying, playing, and performing guitar for the last 22 years. He has been teaching all ages, beginner through advanced, for the last nine. Steve has played with numerous bands over the years including being one of the founding members of the local nationally signed rock outfit, the Daycare Swindlers. His main influences range the full scope from The Clash to Dick Dale. He covers many styles ranging from country, blues, rock, and ska to reggae, rockabilly, surf, metal, flamenco, and punk rock.

In addition to his many musical skills, Steve has studied recording at Northern Virginia Community College, and recording engineering with Shannon Walton, former Fleetwood Mac Sound Engineer of Walton Recording. His diverse musical ability, combined with his friendly personality and long-time tenure with Drum & Strum, have made Steve a favorite to many students.
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